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How Many Teeth Do I Collect in a Night?

I use the teeth I collect to make everything for me and my helpers.  These items range from chairs to cars to the computer I am using to write this blog.  We need teeth to create new items and repair old items, so I must collect many teeth every night to keep up with everything we need.

On average I collect 300,000 teeth from children around the world.  The collection of teeth takes time and so I slow down time so I am able to collect all the teeth for the night.

Lovely shoes made from teeth

2 Responses

  • I love the toothfairy so much. Thank-you for the 5 $’s you gave me. A face that smiles. My grandma said to tell you she appreciates you too.

  • Dear Tooth Fairy:

    Noah just lost a tooth today. He is in Key West so now you know where to find him and his tooth. It’s super-small, so look closely for it.

    See you tonight ;-)

    Noah and Dad

    p.s. Happy Thanksgiving!!