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What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All the Teeth?

The teeth are used like bricks and toothpaste is used like mortar for my Tooth Fairy castle.  Tooth paste is easy to buy at the store so I am able to run down to the store and get it when I need it.  But children’s teeth are much more difficult to find, so I collect them as a child looses them.  Therefore when I start a new contraption, building, or appliance in or around my castle I have a large collection of teeth to choose from.

I have been collecting teeth for quite a while now.  I have finished my own living quarters quite long ago, so now I am working on homes for my helpers and their families.  The Fairy population has been growing at a fast rate and to keep up the building for all the fairies to live takes many teeth from many children.

You never know what your baby teeth may be used for.  I may have made my new dishes out of them, or a new bed, or even my own tooth brush.  But what ever your teeth have been used for they are helping the fairy community thrive and for that we thank you.

The Tooth Fairy castle

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